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New Year Resolutions for Your Home

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12 Months of Resolutions

As you're considering personal goals and New Year Resolutions for the new year, consider including some for your home. We've broken down a list of resolutions for your home into one for each month to make reaching your goals a bit easier:

January - Make Extra Mortgage Payments 
Divide your mortgage payment by 12, and then pay that extra amount towards your mortgage each month. The monthly principal and interest on a $150,000 mortgage with a 30-year term and an interest rate of 5.5% totals $852. Paying an extra 1/12 of that amount, or $71, each month would increase the payment to $923, but shorten the term by 61 months and cut the interest expense by $30,789.

February - Organize 
"A place for everything and everything in its place". Sort through your belongings and group them together. Scarves in one basket, hats in another. Bills to be paid folder and another one for paperwork to be filed. Often messes pile up because we just don't know where to put everything. Creating a place for everything leads to a cleaner house.

March - Make a Project List 
Go room-by-room creating a list of everything you want to change. Creating a master list makes it easier to see the work ahead. You may find many things are doable right now, and the rest you can prioritize.

April - Start a Project 
Nothing makes a home feel more like yours than changing it to suit your needs. Give new life to an otherwise unused or untouched room. You'd be amazed at how much a coat of paint can change things and may even get the ball rolling for future makeovers.

May - Finish a Project 
Aim to finish at least one task a month, such as getting your family photos in order; organizing movies or music; frame and hang artwork. Trying to finish one of these smaller tasks is very doable on a month-to-month basis and motivates us to want to tackle more.

June - Make Your Home Safer 
Make sure your smoke detector is working. Have your furnace checked before winter because major safety issues can arise. Create an escape route with your family that includes places to meet, and have a list of emergency numbers readily available.

July - Be Energy Efficient 
Changing light bulbs, unplugging appliances, and turning off lights when not in use are all easy things you can do to improve energy efficiency. You can even go a step further by replacing appliances to more efficient ones or updating your furnace and A/C to save energy and money.

August - Buy Yourself Something 
Don't think practical here. Buy something for your home you've always wanted but never allowed yourself to buy. Whether a new piece of art, a vase, a set of fancy dishes, buy something that makes you smile.

September - Buy Plants 
This is one of the quickest, cheapest, easiest tasks you can accomplish. Bring life into your home. Having plants or flowers instantly brightens a room, and in turn, your mood; certain plants have air-cleaning qualities.

October - Install a Programmable Thermostat 
You can cut your home heating and cooling costs by about $180 this year alone! Cut your energy use and shrink your carbon footprint.

November - Install Weather Stripping 
Install weather-stripping around doors and windows, fill holes in the wall, trade lightweight sheer curtains for heavier winter-friendly draperies in velvet or Ultrasuede. You'll cut energy costs plus it will improve home comfort and style.

December - Get a Handle on Toys 
Children tend to have too much stuff, which can drive a parent in charge of picking up toys crazy. Encourage your child to go through their toys and donate at least 1/2 to charity - just in time for charities to benefit from extra toys, and before your child receives more as gifts.

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